For Landlords

As you may know the State of Maine has passed new laws on radon testing and radon abatement that can have a significant impact on your business. The original law signed in June 2009 required all rented homes to be tested for radon in air by 2012. Since then a new law was signed which delayed the deadline date from 2012 to 1 March, 2014. The law is very specific about the testing procedures (who can perform the tests), notification to tenants, and mitigation requirements. There are also exceptions to the law for “short term” rental or leased homes meaning those which are rented or leased for less than 100 days maximum. The entire law can be viewed here: Title 14 Chapter 710  (pages 15 & 16 pertain to radon). Maine Radon Pro suggests that you contact a qualified home inspector from for your testing needs, they have received extensive training on the testing protocols for multifamily buildings. Questions should be directed to the Maine Radon Control Program 1-800-232-0842.